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If you’re aged 25 or under and identify as gay or bisexual (or think you might be!), there’s never been a better time to join London’s most popular LGBT Youth Network. OutZone is an excellent place to make new friends of your own age – in a safe and friendly environment away from the commercial gay scene. Many young men (from all over London) access our youth groups, events and projects every week. Recent News: Chlamydia Screening at OutZone – Friday 5th March – They only need a bit of your wee! …no pressure to be anything other than who you are

At OutZone you can find REAL support and have easy access to information on a whole range of issues – including: coming out, sex and relationships, anxiety and depression, sexual health and HIV prevention and pretty much anything else ‘real-life’ will (no doubt) throw at you, from time to time. If you’re not quite ready to come to the group, but could do with some help anyway, our one2one emotional support service is FREE and easy to access. You don’t have to be ‘OUT’ and we always guarantee to respect your confidentiality*.The OutZone Youth Project for gay/bi young men is safe and friendly. Existing members always try to make new people feel welcomed and relaxed. Our experienced and friendly youth workers will be people you can talk to in confidence* – and they recognise your sexuality is just one part of what makes you who you are.

If you are thinking about coming along to our weekly group to meet new people or make new friends – you don’t have to come along every week, or stay for the whole session. (The hardest part is getting in touch and turning up for the first time…!!!) You might just want to arrange an appointment to have a confidential* one2one chat with a member of staff first, to have a look round and find out what we’re all about, that’s fine. We’ll take it at your PACE 🙂 Click here to find out how to get in touch if you’re starting to explore YOUR OutZone.

Coming up at OutZone in the next few weeks…

Our new series on LGBT friendly holiday resorts abroad covering lots of popular destinations. Next week we’ll be posting our first in the guide which covers Palma De Mallorca and where to find the best and safest LGBT club hotspots. Closely followed by Ibiza, Xanti and other destinations.

JUNE 2017

Friday 4th June
New Members Night

Express Yourself – Banner and placard making in preparation for PRIDE London 2010

It’s June!  New member’s night – need we say more?  Join OutZone this summer!  Also – as Pride London approaches, and it’s been a couple of years since we updated the ‘official’ OutZone Banner (to be honest, we’re not too sure where it is!) so it must be about time make a new one! Come along tonight (preferably with your creative juices flowing) and give us a hand to help create another OutZone masterpiece…Lovely.  We’ll also be joined by the other PACE Youth Network groups.

Friday 11th June
Fit for summer – session 2: Looking after ME, myself and I
Quarterly Chlamydia Screening at OutZone! (In association with Brook)

Fighting the flab and keeping healthy are one & the same thing. Are you getting your 5-a-day? Tonight we’ll create our top tips to help ensure we look and feel great in time for PRIDE London 2010.
Time for your quarterly test again! Did you know Chlamydia is the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the UK and is on the increase? Women aged 16-24 and men aged 20-34 are at the greatest risk. OutZone has teamed up with Brook London to offer all group members free, confidential Chlamydia screening from the comfort of your favourite youth group. Come along tonight to get yourself tested! Find out more about Brook here.

Friday 18th June
Games Night
OutZone Get Creative/Photo board assembly!

There’ll be another chance to test your Wii gaming skills in tonight’s knock-out competition.  Will our current champion retain his crown or will YOU be the one to knock him from his throne?  Also, OutZone peer mentor Andre will be getting us creative and leading part of this session where he’ll be teaching us how knit and create some nifty photo albums!  It’s never too early to start preparing for winter! 😉 AND (as if that wasn’t enough) – we’ll be (finally) assembling the OutZone Photo board… that lot should keep us busy!

Friday 25th June
Mid-summer picnic in Highgate woods!

Join us for our ‘mid-summer picnic’ in Highgate Woods. We’ll be meeting outside Highgate tube station at 6.45pm (Car Park Exit) – Please don’t be late!! We’ll be providing snacks and drinks and taking part in some team games – Come along, join us and have FUN! (If it’s raining – we’ll be meeting at OutZone HQ, as usual!  We will also be joined by the other PACE Youth Network Groups – Girl Diva and First Move.


“Let’s Talk” – One2One at OutZone:

If you are a young man aged 25 or under (living in & around London) who has any concerns, questions or would just like to talk to someone (in confidence*) – contact one of our youth workers at PACE Youth Network. Email Andy at OutZone: info@outzone.org

Click here to find out more about FREE, confidential one2one emotional support and information sessions at OutZone.

PACE Youth Network – Weekly groups & projects:

PACE Youth Network is the name we use to describe our unique (and diverse) family of projects and services for young LGBT people from right across London and beyond who choose to access them. Each project is staffed and managed by PACE who employ lesbian, gay and bisexual youth workers. Click here to find out more

OutZone for gay and bisexual young men aged 25 and under.
Girl Diva for lesbian and bisexual young women aged 25 and under.
First Move – for all lgbt teens aged 17 and under.

The OutZone Youth Project at PACE is PROUDLY supported by You!